Recent Flyaway Sonar Kit Deliveries

Delivery of one of the Flyaway Sonar Kits to Monaghan Civil Defence in October 2021

Mariteq Solutions made the long trip North to deliver the second Flyaway Sonar kit to Monaghan Civil Defence in October. This order was placed on the back of a number of weeks trialling the prototype earlier in the year. Of the three organisations that trialled the prototype sonar unit, they all gave comprehensive feedback allowing Mariteq Solutions to take onboard all feedback and create an excellent product which was brought to market in October 2021. Not only did they give great feedback, they all placed orders for the unit.

Three units were delivered in October with another two orders received for delivery in the coming weeks. We have now engaged with a number of local engineering firms to streamline the manufacturing process to allow us to meet the increased demand while putting our focus on the further developement of the product to include a number of various mounting options as well as 360 degree imaging giving the user a comprehensive view beneath them while holding in a static position.

For further information on the Flyaway Sonar kit, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Contact Us

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