Blue ROV2 returned to its rightful owners

Last week I took great pleasure in returning Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery Units Blue Robotics Blue ROV2. Mariteq Solutions were tasked with carrying out a complete strip down and rebuild of the ROV.

Work took a number of weeks due to Brexit and the requirement for service kits and new lighting which shipped from the UK.

The work carried out was as follows:

  • Complete strip down and clean.
  • Laptop updates and security patches applied.
  • ROV firmware updated to the most stable version available.
  • Camera Software updated.
  • ROV operating softwares latest version installed and configured.
  • ROV umbilical tested and checked for damage.
  • All seals and ‘O’ rings replaced.
  • Thrusters all stripped and serviced.
  • New high intensity LED lighting fitted and configured.
  • Offline Maps updated for operations.

Mariteq Solutions have agreed to provide technical support to CCMPSAR free of charge for all their Radio, Sonar, Navigation and ROV systems going forward.

#supportinglocalcharities #localheroes #Blue ROV2 #BlueRobotics

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